Lake Grove Job Seekers

Job Seekers is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help people find jobs or work through a career transition.

Job Seekers is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help people through the job search or career transition process.

Hosted by the Lake Grove Presbyterian Church in Lake Oswego, the Lake Grove Job Seekers program offers individual mentoring, plus group instruction and support, in all aspects of the job search process. Open to any in the Portland metro area, this program is available to all who are out of work and seeking employment, or to those seeking a new career direction.

With a diversity of mentoring skills and experiences, we will personally assist you in a confidential, non-denominational manner at no charge. We strive to offer our assistance in a listening, positive and supportive environment.


Core Components of the Program

Weekly meetings

  • Every Monday morning we host a different guest speaker (calendar below) -- someone who is a content expert who can share best practices and advice to help you navigate the job search or career transition process. These meetings are open to everyone, and Job Seekers are encouraged to attend, as they are a source of ideas, a place to learn from others, and a place for support. Staying connected with fellow Job Seekers is important both for emotional support and for getting practical help throughout the job search process.
  • Program changes due to COVID-19: Until further notice, weekly meetings are online only using the ZOOM platform. They are recorded and the recording is posted for 7 days following the event, then automatically deleted. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for meeting logistics.

Mentor services

  • Job Seekers may be offered individual or group mentoring support. A mentor is a valuable ally, providing as-needed guidance, support, and assistance throughout the process of finding a job or changing careers. Based on mentor availability, we will either:
    • Slot you into a mentor-led group or "cohort," where a small number of job seekers meet regularly to continue the learning process, or
    • Assign an individual mentor to you for some extra 1-1 coaching.
  • The "job seeker - mentor" relationship is defined in the Job Seeker Guidelines, which you will be asked to review and sign.

Online resources

  • The Lake Grove Job Seekers website contains a wealth of curated content from multiple sources, in addition to our calendar of upcoming and prior meetings and speaker presentations. We also sponsor a private LinkedIn group, where program participants share information and connect with one another.


Getting Started: For New and Returning Job Seekers (*)

Come to our meetings!

You are always welcome to attend our Monday meetings. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for meeting logistics.

Attend Orientation (*)

If you are ALSO interested additional individual or group mentoring services you will need to participate in our 3 week Orientation Program and complete the homework assigned each week. To get started:

  1. Fill out this confidential Job Seeker Input Form so we know how to contact you for your mentor assignment once you complete Orientation.
  2. Attend our mandatory three week Orientation Program:
    - Orientation meetings are held on consecutive weeks, from 10:30am-12pm, immediately following our regular weekly meeting. Meeting logistics are the same as for our regular Monday meeting. Check out the calendar below to see which week is coming up.
    - Download the Program Overview prior to your first Orientation meeting.
  3. Sign the Job Seeker Guidelines, then scan them (or take a photo) and email to This document must be signed and returned to us by the 2nd week of Orientation in order to be assigned a mentor.

(*) Orientation is required for new job seekers and for job seekers who are returning after a 2+ year absence from our program.

Register for a Website Account

Use the "REGISTER" link above to create an account on this website. Once your registration is approved, you'll have access to the complete calendar of speakers and Orientation dates, in addition to a wealth of job search information.


Attendance at Job Seekers counts as a “work seeking activity” when one is filing for unemployment.

Claimants can claim attendance at Job Seekers along with 1-1 or Group Mentor meetings as “work seeking activities” by writing in “Lake Grove Job Seekers” for the activity on your unemployment claim submission. Only three of the five work seeking activities in a filing period can be from a work seeking training event or 1-1 Career counseling (resume, interview or career planning support, etc.) Job seekers with active unemployment benefits accounts still have to apply to two new jobs each weeks (follow ups do not count). This only applies to folks with active unemployment benefit accounts.

Claimants have to be registered in iMatchSkills to request unemployment benefits.

Visit this site for more information about eligible “work seeking activities.”


Still Have Questions?

Upcoming Events

Orientation for New/Returning Job Seekers: Week 3 copy

Monday, September 27, 2021 @ 10:30am

Orientation is only for Job Seekers who want additional mentor services beyond attendance at our weekly meetings. If that is the case, you must participate in a three week Job Seeker Orientation program. This week is Week 3; it starts immediately AFTER the regular Monday Job Seekers meeting and typically runs from 10:30am - 12pm. The sessions must be attended in order, so if you have not yet attended Week 1, please indicate your interest by completing the Job Seeker Input Form and plan on attending the next Week 1 session of Orientation.

Orientation meetings are not required if you are only interested in attending the weekly Job Seeker meetings. Otherwise new job seekers, or returning job seekers who have not actively participated in the last 2 years, should plan on attending.

This is an online Zoom meeting and will use the same Zoom logistics as the weekly Job Seeker meeting today.

Mindfulness 101 - How and Why to Get Started

Monday, September 27, 2021 @ 8:30am

Speaker John Devlin believes a daily mindfulness practice can help anyone cope with the difficulties of our challenging world. This talk will help you understand the neuroscience behind mindfulness (why it helps), and will introduce you to some simple mindfulness practices to help you channel and tame your anxiety to enable productive and successful outcomes.

This is an online Zoom meeting. Login information at the bottom of the Job Seeker home page or on the Upcoming Events page.

Find Your Happy at Work and In Your Career

Monday, October 4, 2021 @ 8:30am

Aspects of your career are beyond your control. And, you have more power than you realize. Beverly Jones will present key concepts from her latest book, Find Your Happy at Work, which offers practical strategies to help you feel more enthusiastic and gratified on the job, and in your career. These include:

  • A simple model for creating career engagement that will improve your performance and help you develop deeper relationships with others.
  • Techniques for addressing workplace challenges like difficult colleagues, boring tasks, daunting projects, and gloomy environments.
  • Strategies for strengthening your network, building expertise, and laying other groundwork for a resilient career.

This book will provide encouragement, inspiration, and useful advice for those who want to be happy in their work, and throughout their lives.

This is an online Zoom meeting. Login information at the bottom of the Job Seeker home page or on the Upcoming Events page.


The JobSeekers club is a great resource, a real gem and a wonderful gift for those who need it.

I appreciate having a place to go each Monday to start my week action forward. I have met wonderful and inspiring people who have been generous with their time and skills. Fabulous presenters and presentations!

The LGPC JobSeekers group has been very supportive and helpful in my career transition and I'm so thankful for your work. I look forward to an opportunity to pay it forward or pay back in the future.

Everyone that is a part of Job Seekers has been wonderful and insightful. It has been such a blessing during my job seeking process!

This is an exemplary group of supportive, committed mentors, who orchestrate a well-crafted curriculum. Keep up the good work. You truly make a difference!

Job Seekers is a great mentorship program! I've loved having access to my mentor and to the rest of the team for my job search.

Unquestionably, Job Seekers is the best collaboration I’ve found to keep me going, add to my knowledge base, maintain ability to connect with fellow job seekers and mentors, and more.

Join us

Until further notice, all weekly meetings are held online via Zoom, every Monday, 8:30 - 10:30 am. Meetings are recorded and the recording is posted to this website for 7 days, then it is automatically deleted. Login logistics are the same every week:

Lake Grove Presbyterian Church (LGPC)
Hub Room, 2nd floor
4040 Sunset Rd, Lake Oswego


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