Welcome to the Lake Grove Job Seekers program!

Welcome to Lake Grove Job Seekers!

Led by volunteer Mentors with years of experience, Lake Grove Job Seekers (LGJS) is dedicated to helping you through your career transition.

Our approach combines weekly meetings with expert speakers, in-depth workshops, and individual mentoring. Job Seekers are encouraged to attend the weekly meetings, as they are a source of ideas, a place to learn from others, and a source of support.

Job Seekers who complete our Orientation Program will be offered individual mentoring support. A mentor is a valuable ally, providing as-needed guidance, support, and assistance throughout the process of finding a job or changing careers. This relationship is defined in the Job Seeker Guidelines, which you will be asked to review and sign.

We follow a process similar to the one below. When you become part of the Job Seekers program, you will learn more about each step and be helped along the way as you work your way through it.

Most successful Job Seekers work very hard to find a job or navigate a career change. Working through the process requires diligence, persistence, faith, knowing when and how to ask for help, and taking care of yourself. In addition to educating and supporting Job Seekers in the “nuts and bolts” of how to land a new job, we also invite career counselors, psychologists, and motivational speakers to help you learn ways to stay emotionally and physically healthy, as well as motivated, through what can be an anxious time.

Attendance at Job Seekers counts as a “work seeking activity” when filing for unemployment.

Claimants can claim attendance for any Job Seekers meeting or 1-1 or mentor session as “work seeking activities.” Simply write in “Lake Grove Job Seekers” for the activity on your unemployment claim submission. Only three of the five work-seeking activities in a filing period can be from a work-seeking training event or 1-1 Career counseling (resume, interview or career planning support, etc.) Job seekers with active unemployment benefits accounts still have to apply to two new jobs each week (follow-ups do not count). This only applies to folks with active unemployment benefit accounts.

Claimants must be registered in iMatchSkills to request unemployment benefits.

Visit this site for more information about eligible “work-seeking activities.”

Next Steps

Please visit "Getting Started" in the Job Search Process section.

Upcoming Events

Skill Builder Workshop - Week 1

Wednesday, June 7, 2023 @ 10:00am

Skill Builder Workshops are optional but highly recommended workshops available to all job seekers, regardless of whether or not you have a mentor. They are held on the first 4 Wednesdays of every month, except during holiday weeks.

Topics rotate weekly and include:

  • Week 1: Networking 101
  • Week 2: Job Search Strategies 101
  • Week 3: Resumes 101
  • Week 4: LinkedIn 101

To join a Skill Builder Workshop: https://lakegrovepres-org.zoom.us/j/86974544638?pwd=ajJWV3dpSC90TmdielBLNU43ZmhGdz09
Meeting ID: 869 7454 4638
Passcode: 686979

Orientation for New/Returning Job Seekers

Monday, June 12, 2023 @ 10:00am

Orientation is required only for new or returning Job Seekers who want additional mentor services. If that is the case, you must (1) attend an Orientation session, (2) sign & email the Job Seeker Guidelines to info@jobseekerslo.org, and (3) complete the Job Seeker Input Form.

Orientation starts after the regular Monday Job Seekers meeting (following a brief transition time) and typically runs from 10:05-11am.

Orientation meetings are held both online and in-person at the church immediately following the regular Job Seekers meeting.

To attend in person: Room 204 at the church

To attend online: https://lakegrovepres-org.zoom.us/j/81151540238?pwd=WkxKYlJPOUo4YXZTMjRGbVJWZTVKQT09. Meeting ID: 811 5154 0238. Passcode: 97035

Dealing with Rejection

Monday, June 12, 2023 @ 8:30am

Rejection hurts. It can demoralize us, make us angry, or make us want stop trying and walk away. These are normal reactions.

What is also true is that there are other ways to look at rejection -- ways that may help us find something worthwhile in the rejection. Today we are going to talk options for handling rejection that help us actually get something worthwhile out of the rejection. We'll also talk about ways to move beyond rejection when it occurs.

Join Us

Weekly meetings on Monday, 8:30 - 10:00 am. Doors open at 8:15am for coffee and networking.

  • Location: Lake Grove Presbyterian Church, Hub Room, 2nd floor, 4040 Sunset Rd, Lake Oswego
  • Speaker slides posted to the website after the event. Meetings are not recorded.

Orientation meetings are offered in person (room 204) or online. See the EVENTS page for how to login to join via Zoom. Orientation begins shortly after the weekly meeting ~10am-110am.

Email: info@jobseekerslo.org

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