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About Your Mentor Relationship

LGJS Mentors come from all walks of life, with years of experience – both in and out of work, as employees, bosses, as business owners, as consultants, etc. Even though you have a primary Mentor, oftentimes he/she will bring in other Mentors to assist if they feel another Mentor can help address some of your questions or challenges.

A couple of reminders about how Mentors may engage with Job Seekers:

  • Mentors will keep your personal information confidential, but they may also confidentially discuss your situation with other Mentors in the program to get their input and advice on your behalf.
  • Mentors are volunteers, not professional counselors, therapists, pastors, physicians, lawyers, or financial advisors. They may not give or receive medical, psychological, legal, or financial advice or engage in any business activity with a Job Seeker.
  • All mentoring services can be done only in public places, never in private homes or motor vehicles. Please do not ask to socialize with any Mentor or meet with a Mentor outside of the purpose of the program.
  • Mentors may not provide a formal job referral or skills‐related endorsement to Job Seekers, nor may they advise a Job Seeker on which job offer to accept or decline.
  • Do not expect your Mentor to re-write your resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, etc. They will guide you and provide feedback, but you own the job search and the associated work.
  • Mentors may not give or receive any business or compensation from anyone for services provided to any Seeker.
  • Any questions or complaints about a Mentor should be directed to the Mentor Advisory Committee for review.
  • If a Job Seeker violates any of the above guidelines, or those in the Seeker Guidelines you received and signed upon joining the Program, your participation in the Program may be may terminated.


Ellen Recko
Ellen Recko

Ellen worked in the high tech industry her entire career, with 10 years of experience at two start ups, and 20+ years with Intel. Her…

Mike Greene
Mike Greene

Mike Greene is a team player, good listener and effective problem solver. Mike is recently retired after 47 years as a practicing lawyer…

Larry Bowman
Larry Bowman

The most important part of education is not what you learn, but who you become by what you learn. CAREER FOCUS: Help others help…

John Eichenberger
John Eichenberger

Business Career: John is an innovative, entrepreneurial senior marketing executive with over 37 years of increasing responsibility at four…

Gary Sirianni
Gary Sirianni

Gary started his career by attending Portland State University receiving his BS in Applied Science/Mechanical Engineering and added to his…

George Reis
George Reis

George is a retired senior executive with experience at both startup and Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Skilled in management, product…

Barbara Johnson
Barbara Johnson

Barbara Johnson is retired from a 35-year career as an attorney, non-profit Executive Director and lifelong volunteer with a goal to be of…

Glen Hascall 2
Glen Hascall

Glen Hascall is a problem solver with 40 years of experience on large IBM main frame computers. He is best known for his ability to get to…

Lehmann Rich
Rich Lehmann

Rich first came to Lake Grove in 2008 and credits his friendships and experiences there with landing his dream job with Nike in 2010. While…

Kass Jennifer
Jennifer Kass

Jennifer joined the Lake Grove program as a job seeker in 2015 and was helped tremendously by the program's great speakers, networking…

Earnshaw Stan
Stan Earnshaw

Stan is an accomplished leader of people and organizations. Over the past 40 years Stan has enjoyed success driving organizations to grow…

Hayes Debra
Debra Hayes

Debra has been in the healthcare industry for over 25 years. She began her career with StaffCare in Dallas, Texas as a physician recruiter…

Livermore Alice
Alice Livermore

Alice is an ICF certified coach who works with individuals and organizations to help them improve their wellbeing through evidence-based…

Cooke Vernon
Vernon Cooke

Vernon's 41 year career included engineering, marketing and leading technical personnel in an international customer-facing environment. He…

Spencer Lisa
Lisa Spencer

Lisa has a master’s in career counseling and about 9 years in the field. Though she entered the field with the intention of helping people…

Adriani Margreet 2
Margreet Adriani

Margreet is an ICF-certified coach who focuses on increasing people’s well-being at work and in their personal lives. She especially…