Everyone has talents AND strengths. When you are searching for that next career opportunity, it’s important to be able to articulate what makes you unique! How do you do this? By looking at CliftonStrengths by Gallup (or other strength assessments) and understanding your top 5 talent themes.

[Note: In this talk we'll use CliftonStrengths as our example, but everything we discuss is applicable to whatever assessment results you have.]

How can we apply our talent themes in our job search? Come find out in this inactive presentation. Together, we will explore:

  • Getting familiar with StrengthsFinder 2.0 (also called CliftonStrengths)
  • Identifying your top 5 talent themes (there are 34 of them!)
  • Checking out ideas for using your talent themes in your job search activities
  • Answering the question -- what kind of leader are you?
  • Wrapping up with resources, action plan, and Q&A

You don’t want to miss this session! It will be fun and informative!

(Note: If you have already taken the StrengthsFinder assessment, even better. Bring your top 5 talent themes to the session. If not, don’t worry. You will have time in the session to “select” your top 5!)

See the attachments for the handouts for this session.

This document contains information that may be of additional interest but will not be covered during the session: SQ Future Careers Chapter.