Career Pivots and Starting Your Own Business

Considering a Career Change? 

These are big decisions and your mentor can help you to ask the right questions. Below are some great thought-starters:

  • Do I really want a new career, or do I just want to get away from a stale job, bad boss, or bad culture?
  • What career capital (skills and experience) can I leverage?
  • What skills and credentials do I need to compete for a new job or career?
  • Am I willing to do what it takes to develop new skills and earn credentials?
  • Am I willing to start at a lower level and take a pay cut to enter a new career?
  • What things do I like most about my current/past job(s)?
  • What are the jobs or careers of people I find fascinating, interesting, or successful?
  • What distinctive skills do people see in me, and what specific indicator(s) makes people see them (credentials, behaviors, experience, etc.)?
  • What are the most impressive elements of my resume? (Focus on unique and difficult accomplishments.)
  • What skills would I love to have acquired in three to five years’ time?
  • What things do I dislike most about my current/past job(s)?
  • What are the jobs or careers of people I find boring and uninteresting?
  • What new jobs or careers exist that require my skills and interests?
  • What organizational cultures resonate with me, because they fit with my own values, style, and preferences?
  • If I could have three different careers between now and retirement, which ones would I pick (if there were no obstacles or limits, and if I were a great fit)?

If you are narrowing in on a next move or direction, spend some time going through the recommendations in this article about LinkedIn's Career Explorer to flesh out your thinking. This article may also be helpful: How To Choose A Career: Tips For Picking The Right Path

Recommended reading: Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans.

Considering Freelance/Contract/Interim/Fractional Work?

There are special considerations and additional resources for you when considering this type of work. Check these out for more information: 

Resources for Job Seekers Considering Contract and Freelance Opportunities

Resources for Fractional and Interim Opportunities

Considering Starting Your Own Business?

A great place to start is to consult with SCORE Portland and the Oregon Small Business Development Center Network

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