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Resumes and Cover Letters  

  • Resumes 101: Use the Skill Builder Workshop step-by-step guide to optimize your Resume.
  • Cover Letters:  Learn why cover letters are more important than ever, and how to write a compelling one.
  • Letter of Interest: Send a letter to your target companies expressing interest when there is no relevant job posted. 
  • Resume Examples
    • Hybrid:  Consider this format if you have a non-linear career, are making a significant career pivot, or want to highlight transferable skills for a networking meeting with someone new to you
    • Chronological: Use this format for more linear careers -- it is preferred by recruiters and works well with ATS.
    • Executive Level: Use this format for Director and above positions when you have stellar accomplishments to highlight.
    • New Grad: Highlight your Education, Projects, and Experience.
  • Helpful Tools

LinkedIn and Personal Branding  

  • LinkedIn 101: Use the Skill Builder Workshop step-by-step guide to optimize your Profile.
  • LinkedIn 201: Find potential contacts at your target companies.
  • Your Personal Brand: Take control of how others see you, and help define your purpose. 
  • LinkedIn Settings:  Optimize your LinkedIn settings so that others can find you, and to make it easier to submit applications.

Job Search Strategy



Offer Negotiation

Staying Motivated

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