Job Search and Career Transition Process


Welcome to Job Seekers! 

We're glad you're here and look forward to getting to know you better!

Our weekly meetings, Skill Builder Workshops, and website are open to all and designed to help you, but it is up to you to take advantage of them.

If you also want a mentor for individual coaching, you must complete our Orientation Program. Scroll down for more information ...

Our Approach

We offer a structured process to guide you through your job search or career transition:

🤔 Self-Assessment. In this foundational step, you will re-discover your core strengths and get clear on your goals – be it find a new job, become a consultant, start a new business, or pursue some other career alternative. 

✍️ Self-Description. Once you have more defined goals and have identified your skills and strengths, you’ll start to develop your “stories” – descriptions of key milestones in your life that demonstrate aspects of your successes, and also how you may have overcome challenges as well. These will be used in your resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letters, “elevator pitch” and interview answers.

🎯 Search Planning. With more clarity on who you are and what you want, you can begin to research target industries, companies, job opportunities, and key inside contacts. With research in hand and objectives identified, we move to plotting a course for ways to learn about your target companies or jobs and to find people who can help you get in the door.

💪 Skill Building. Learn best practices for networking and interviewing, then practice, practice, practice! In the mirror, with your Mentor, or by recording yourself on your smartphone. As part of the process of applying for a job, you’ll want to use networking meetings to find out as much as you can about the company or key people, its challenges, and its culture – so you are comfortable and fully prepared during potentially multiple interviews along the way.

💲 Job Offer & Negotiation. Congratulations, you got an offer! Should you take it? During this phase, Mentors are available to help discuss offers, options, and potential negotiating strategies to optimize your offer and future on-the-job experience. You’ll want to start thinking about your First 90 Days Workplan too.

In addition to the above process, Mentors are able to also discuss Career Alternatives as requested. For example, perhaps you want to open your own business, become a contractor or consultant, or make the switch to a meaningful volunteer opportunity. Some Mentors are able to help you decide if a job or a business is the right next-step for you and point you in the right direction if you decide to go the business route. 

Want a Mentor?

These steps are required for all new job seekers and for those returning after a 2+ year absence:

Step 1: Indicate Your Interest

  • Complete this confidential Job Seeker Input Form to provide your contact information, reasons for wanting to work with us, and other information that helps us to better assist you.

Step 2: Complete Our Orientation Process

  • Download the Orientation Packet to see an overview of the program and view the homework you will be asked to complete.
  • Attend Orientation, in person or via Zoom.  Check the Events page for logistics and calendar information. Orientation is offered both in-person and online. It starts just after the Monday meetings, ~10-11am. 

Step 3: Sign and return the Job Seeker Guidelines

You must fully complete all 3 steps above in order to qualify for a mentor assignment. 

Working with Your Mentor

Following completion of the Orientation process, and if mentors are available, you will be contacted by your new mentor. Otherwise, during periods of high demand, we maintain an active waiting list for mentor assignments and will let you we've added you to that list.

Prior to meeting with your mentor for the first time you should: 

  • Complete the Self-Assessment homework that you learned about during Orientation.  It can be found on the "Job Search Process | Self-Assessment" page or in the Orientation Packet.
  • Summarize your answers in the Self-Assessment Summary Table (WORD, PDF) and send to your mentor in advance of your first meeting. Your mentor may also request the latest version of your resume.

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