Jennifer joined the Lake Grove program as a job seeker in 2015 and was helped tremendously by the program's great speakers, networking opportunities, and structured process. She landed a fantastic job as the Director of Career Services at Oregon Tech from which she recently retired. She is excited to pay it forward by helping other job seekers to land their own great opportunities.

Jennifer grew up in Michigan and has lived in eight states from New York to Hawaii. She has a BA in Economics from the University of Michigan, an MBA in Marketing from New York University, and an MA in Counseling from The College of New Jersey. Her career spans nonprofit administration and fundraising, consumer products marketing research, and career coaching. She has experienced job loss in her family on several occasions and is very familiar with the challenges faced by job seekers, particularly those who are trying to reinvent themselves after a move or pivot to a new career.

Strengths: Women and Job Search, Nonprofit and Social Impact Job Search, Career Communications (Resumes, LinkedIn, Interviews), Trailing Spouses/Partners, Job Search Strategy